The Bailie Hotel were in touch with us and they have a great offer available to tempt anglers to visit them and fish the waters in the Bailieborough area this summer! Details as follows:

Embark on a serene getaway to Bailieborough with our exclusive overnight package designed especially for angler groups and fishing enthusiasts. Located in the heart of this charming town, The Bailie Hotels offers a unique community hotel experience. Our unbeatable package features a cozy overnight stay, a hearty breakfast to kickstart your day, and a delectable dinner from our set evening menu. But here’s the real catch – we’re surrounded by six breathtaking lakes, ensuring an angler’s paradise just moments away. And as if that’s not enough, we’ll even provide a complimentary packed lunch, ensuring you’re fueled up for your fishing adventures. Say goodbye to stress and hello to an angler’s dream – book your fishing getaway with us now and experience the ultimate value rates!

The packages include an overnight stay, Dinner, Breakfast & a Free Packed Lunch to take with you on your fishing trip, starting at €90 inclusive for a single room, there are also a Double or Twin Option which are €160 inclusive, so €80 per person.

There are 6 different lakes around Bailieborough, all within a 5km radius of the hotel.

  • The Castle Lake is located 1km from Bailieborough. Has a 50 acre radius, covering an area of 20 hectares and in parts is over 6 metres in dept. The lake is a very popular fishing destination, containing Perch, Pike, Bream, Roach and Eel. There are numerous fishing stands around the lake.
  • Galloncurra Lake is located 5km southwest of Bailieborough and covers an area of 7 hectares with a maximum depth of 3.5m. This is a superb fishing venue and holds an excellent stock of roach-bream hybrids to specimen weight (1.361 kilos).
  • Bailieborough Lough, also known as Town Lake, is located on the western side of the town of Bailieborough and covers an area of 9 hectares. Due to its location this lake is a popular fishery and it can provide good sport. There are a number of fishing stands in place to accommodate anglers. This lake is relatively shallow and holds stocks of pike, perch, roach, bream and some tench.
  • Galbolie Lough is located 3km north west of Bailieborough and covers an area of 4 hectares with a maximum depth of 6m. This lake holds stocks of bream, rudd, hybrids and pike.
  • Parkers Lake is located 4km north west of Bailieborough and covers an area of 6 hectares with a maximum depth of 6m. This lake holds a good stock of bream, as well as roach, perch and pike. It also holds roach-bream hybrids to specimen size. Access is restricted to this lake and permission of the landower is required.
  • Skeagh Lake is situated 7km north west of the town of Bailieborough and it covers an area of approximately 50 hectares. Fishing is from a number of swims on the eastern shoreline. This fishery holds good stocks of bream, roach, pike and perch and access is from the road on the eastern side of the lake.

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