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    Lovely catch of Bream and a nice tench recorded by Michael Wrobel in Cavan.

    Lough Ramor is the biggest lake in the area at 800 hectares. It is quite shallow at its southern end but depths in excess of 15m have been recorded around the northern end of the lake. This is an excellent coarse fishery and it regularly produces large catches of bream, roach, roach-bream hybrids and some perch. Large pike have re-established themselves in the lake and many 20lb fish are frequently recorded. Virginia, Coronagh, Knocknagartan, the Nine-eyed bridge and the back of the GAA football field are all notable venues at the southern end of the lake. Access at Knocknagartan is by way of a private road. Boats are available locally for hire. Contact: Pat McLoughlin, Tel: 00353 46 9241807

    BYE-LAW NO. 862 of 2009 provides for catch and release in respect of coarse fish in the harbour area of Lough Ramor. The Byelaw also prohibits the possession of any coarse fish or keep net in, or on the banks of, the harbour area and provides for the use of single barbless hooks only in angling for coarse fish.

    The Ramparts River flows through Virginia and holds good stocks of good sized bream as well as roach, perch and pike. Access to this fishery is via the handball alley at the northern end of the town. A number of stiles have been provided to facilitate angling in this sheltered fishery.

    Nadrageel or Lackan Lakes are located to the northwest of Virginia and about 2km north of Ballyjamesduff. These lakes which cover an area of approximately 100 hectares, with depths to 6m, are separated by a heavily reeded channel. This fishery holds good stocks of roach, rudd, hybrids, perch and pike. There are fishing stands on the lake and the best access is from the roadside.

    Cornaslieve Lough is a small lake located 3km northwest of Virginia. It covers an area less than 2 hectares with depths to 3.5m. The western and eastern shorelines are tree lined and fishing is available from a small number of firm spots on the northern shoreline. This lake holds small numbers of bream, roach, hybrids and some notable pike. Access is across the fields and parking is difficult

    Bream from Cavan
    A fine bream for Nick Parry

    Lisgrea Lake is situated approximately 4km to the Northwest of Virginia. It covers an area of 4 hectares with depths to 4m. There are a number of fishing stands at the southern shoreline. This lake holds an excellent stock of bream to specimen size (3.402kilos) and a smaller stock of specimen roach-bream hybrids (1.361 kilos). This water also holds tench and pike. The best access is from the road and there is limited car parking in a narrow lane nearby.

    The Gallon Loughs consist of Gallon lake to the north and Dargans lake to the south. These lakes are located approximately 6km north of Virginia. Gallon lake covers an area of 2 hectares with depths to 3m. This lake holds good stocks of bream and roach bream hybrids to specimen size. This lake also holds some pike, perch and roach. Access is difficult as the shoreline is heavily reeded.

    Dargans Lake is a small lake covering an area of 3 hectares with a maximum depth of 7m. This lake holds a fine stock of medium sized bream, roach, hybrids and pike. There are two fishing stands on the eastern shoreline and the northwestern corner of the lake has an open shoreline. Access is from the road at the southern end of the lake where a car park is provided.

    Galloncurra Lake is located 5km southwest of Baileboro and covers an area of 7 hectares with a maximum depth of 3.5m. This is a superb fishing venue and holds an excellent stock of roach-bream hybrids to specimen weight (1.361 kilos). This lake, which has held the Irish roach-bream hybrid record on a number of occasions also boasts a good stock of bream and roach. Pre-baiting swims can produce the best results and redworm, brandling, maggot, caster and sweetcorn are all successful baits. There is also great pike fishing available with numerous fish over 20lbs being taken by anglers using a variety of methods. Legered deadbaits and sink and draw methods have proved successful. There are a number of fishing stands at this venue and the best access is from the road at the western side of the lake, but parking is difficult.

    Enfield and Edenderry Coarse Angling Centres

    Enfield and Edenderry: Coarse fishing in these areas centers on the Royal and Grand canals. Both of these canals hold excellent stocks of perch, bream, roach, tench and eels. There has been extensive development on large stretches of these waterways and there is good access for disabled anglers in some areas. Edenderry and Enfield Coarse Angling Clubs hold annual angling festivals and visiting anglers are welcome to participate. A calendar of events is produced annually by the National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland. Access and parking facilities are excellent in both these areas and there is plenty of help and advice available locally. Useful contacts in these areas are:

    Brian O’Donohue, Baconstown, Enfield, Co. Meath.
    Tel: 00 353 405 41911.

    Pauric Kelly, 48 Fr. Paul Murphy St., Edenderry, Co. Offaly.
    Tel: 00 353 405 32071.

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