River Erne

England international Steve Hemmingray finished top of the pile of 146 anglers to win the King of the Erne £1,000 first prize with a fantastic total of 58.100Kgs. Runner up was Kevin Rowles with a total of 43.100Kgs, with Roddy Scott 3rd on 42.500Kgs.

146 anglers fished the two-day event on a high River Erne, with windy conditions making things tricky on day one but brilliant weather conditions on day two making for a really enjoyable finish.

Hemmingray netted the £300 top daily prize on day one with a catch of 40.500Kgs on the Airport peg 10, runner up on the day was Kevin Rowles on Broadmeadow peg 7 with 25.900Kgs and Richard Hoskins finished third on Sligo Road peg 5 with 25.000Kgs.

All sections again fished well with 48 weights over 10Kgs.

On  day two, Tony Hopkins made the most of a good draw on Broadmeadow peg 9 catching 27.850Kgs of mainly Roach on the whip winning the £300 daily prize. Runner up on day two – also on the Broadmeadow @ peg 6 – was Mike Burrows catching 25.600Kgs also on the Pole/Whip. In 3rd place was Howard Kaye with a mainly pole catch at the Manor peg 2 for 24.600Kgs. Steve Hemmingray drew the Airport for a second time on day two, catching a total of 17.600Kgs which put him in pole position. Forty two of the 146 anglers topped 10Kgs on day two.