More big pike reports from Lough Derg


Senan Stanley continues his run of luck with big pike on Lough Derg. Whether fishing with old friends from school or friends like angling guide Paul Bourke, he finds himself amongst some great fish. Sometimes a move to less pressured spots is required, as is being completely familiar with your electronics if you have them…

Won’t forget this strike for a while! Paul and myself were sitting in 3 meters of water for over an hour watching Roach which were spawning on the grass underneath us swim around, we cast non stop for over an hour clockwise around the boat – knowing there was fish in the shallow area but waiting for them to switch on, then this super conditioned fish followed my Line Thru Trout to the boat, opened its mouth by my feet, ate the lure then turned and exploded away from the boat, all you can do is hold on for the ride!
The excitement of waiting and waiting and then Boom, action!  Pike are crazy!

Go fishing…

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