Paul Waghorne reports from Lanesborough where the roach are back in big numbers, for now…
Since my last report there was a huge influx of Roach at Lanesborough. On Tuesday last week, I amassed no less than 177 in three sessions each lasting 2 ½ hours in duration. First from 06:00 – 08:30 then 14:00 – 16:30 and finally 18:30 – 21:00. Each session produced mainly hen fish to just over a pound although realistically, 4-6oz was the average size. As the week progressed, the navigation channel became fishable with a 10g float but there were far more cock fish. The water temperature dropped on Friday into Saturday and, for Lanesborough at least, has not seen any evidence of spawning. The fish were ready mid week, and I would speculate the hen fish have move further upstream to await there ‘moment’.

On Saturday, one angler fishing above the bridge was taking an all male roach catch with a bonus Bream of around 4 ½lb which must have been very difficult to net in the unseasonably high water.

Personally, I got bored of so many Roach, so with some Strokestown lakes now being fishable, targeted Tench. Fin Lough stands were 6″ under water last week, but has now dropped but I focused on a nearby, much smaller lake named ‘Lough Duff’. Myself and Steven Keogh from Navan had a combined catch of 32 Tench. with the best going 4lb 6oz. Stephen had many of his fish after dark, in one short period netting 5 in around 30 minutes.

Stephen with his 4lb 6oz Tench from Lough Duff
Stephen with his 4lb 6oz Tench from Lough Duff

The Inny below Ballymahon is still carrying up to 18″ of extra water and the imminent Roach run may be difficult this year.

The Suck is at perfect height. I’m hoping to target the area below Athleague later this week.

Two pictures attached are  and a dawn silouhette of himself at sunrise.