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    Rivers Laune and Killarney Lakes system

    Salmon fishing on the Laune
    Salmon fishing on the Laune


    Open for 2024

    • Salmon from 17th January to 30th September.
    • Sea-Trout, 17th January to 12th October.
    • Brown Trout 15th February to 12th October.

    South West Ireland. County Kerry. The main towns and villages in the area are Killorglin, Beaufort and Killarney.

    Fly Fishing for Salmon on the Laune
    Fly Fishing for Salmon on the Laune

    Located in Co. Kerry in the South West of Ireland, the River Laune provides anglers with some excellent salmon and sea trout fishing opportunities. The river’s source is located in the Killarney Lakes, and the Laune exits Lough Leane approximately 300m upstream of Laune Bridge.

    The Scenic Surroundings on the River Laune
    The Scenic Surroundings on the River Laune

    It flows in a north-westerly direction for 17.5km to Killorglin before entering Castlemaine Harbour 4.5km downstream of the town. It can be accessed from the north via the N70 to Killorglin and from the east and south via the N22 and N71 to Killarney. Access to the river between Killarney and Killorglin can be obtained from the N72, which runs along the course of the river on its northern side.

    The lakes

    Lough Leane, Muckross Lake and the Upper Lake, Killarney, Co. Kerry are part of the River Laune catchment. Fishing is free on these lakes. A reasonable number of salmon are taken mainly on the troll with some big spring salmon annually accounted for.

    An Angler Keeps a Watchful Eye Pout for Fish Moving on the River Laune

    All legal angling methods are allowed. The season runs from January 17th to 30th of September, and the best time of year to fish the lakes is April to September.


    Map of River Laune
    Maps: Anglers will find Ordnance Survey Map No.78 invaluable when visiting and fishing in this area.


    The Laune gets a small run of spring salmon and the fisheries located on the upper section of the river provide the best chance of connecting with a spring fish. With higher water conditions in the spring of the year, the early run of salmon move quickly through the river into the Killarney lakes. Salmon and sea trout fishing on the River Laune is controlled by Angling Associations, Inland Fisheries Ireland (Beats 1 and 2) and some fishing is also maintained by private fishery owners.

    Early Season Salmon Fishing on the Laune
    Early Season Salmon Fishing on the Laune

    The best of the salmon fishing generally takes place from the end of July through to September. During this period of the year, the river fills with fish and the fishing at times can be spectacular Receding water levels after a moderate flood provide the best conditions for fishing on the Laune. Fish tend to hold back when water levels are low and run through quickly when conditions allow. This meandering lake-fed river has some excellent fly water and is very fishable to the fly, even in prolonged dry periods.

    A Beautiful Well Conditioned Laune Salmon
    A Beautiful Well Conditioned Laune Salmon

    Fly anglers will find that the river can be covered comfortably with a single-handed 9’ 6’’ rod (ATFM 7/8), but a double-handed rod to 13ft can make the fishing that bit easier. Spey casting is always an advantage but there are few places that necessitate this on the Laune. The river is relatively shallow, so a floating or sink tip line will cover most eventualities. Any of the modern Irish shrimp patterns such as the Ally’s shrimp, Cascade and Collie Dog will all take fish. Flies can be tied on either small tubes or Waddington style. Spinning and worming are also allowed on the Laune but the use of prawn and shrimp is prohibited. Angling guide services are available to those wishing to avail of them.

    Sea trout

    The Laune also gets a good run of sea trout and the best of the fishing takes place from the Castle pool; located approximately mid-way down the system, to Killorglin.

    Killorglin Bridge
    Killorglin Bridge on the River Laune

    Early sea trout fishing can be good from March to May when sea trout to 3lbs can be taken. Spinning with light spinning tackle can produce good results. The main run of sea trout arrives from the end of June to the beginning of September. The average weight of sea trout on the Laune is 1lb but larger fish are a distinct possibility early in the season.  All legal angling methods are allowed subject to the rules of the particular fisheries and the salmon and sea trout angling regulations.


    All legitimate methods with the exception of shrimp and prawn. Fishing must be consistent with the rules and regulations of the Associations and Fisheries and the Salmon and Sea Trout Angling Regulations.

    Best Flies:

    • Salmon: Ally’s shrimp, cascade, collie dog, munroe killer
    • Sea-Trout: Teal and silver blue, black pennell, gold-heads, medicine fly
    Fly box
    Fly Choice is Important on the Laune


    Salmon and sea trout fishing on the Laune are regulated by the Salmon and Sea Trout Angling Regulations which are reviewed annually. Anglers should familiarise themselves with these regulations before fishing. Details of the up to date regulations can be found at the following link www.fishinginireland.info/salmon/salmontagging.htm

    Johnson’s Fishery is a Popular Fishery on the River Laune

    Salmon Licences:

    A Salmon licence is required to fish for salmon and sea trout and may be purchased online at www.fishinginireland.info/salmon/salmontagging.htm or at local tackle dealers listed at the following link www.fishinginireland.info/tackleshops/kerry.htm  Licences may also be purchased from the IFI office in Macroom (details below).


    In order to fish for salmon and sea trout on the Laune, anglers must purchase a permit for the waters that they wish to fish and in addition to this a State Licence must also be purchased. Daily and weekly permits to fish the Laune are available from tackle dealers in Killarney and a number of other outlets along the river.

    Inland Fisheries Ireland also provides daily, weekly and season permits for Beats 1 and 2 (See Permit Section Below). Availability of permits on some Association waters in August and September can depend on demand and in some circumstances the number of permits sold may have to be restricted.

    Day permits may also be restricted on the opening day 17th January due to the high demand on this day, which is determined by water levels. Anglers are reminded that they are required to obtain a State licence before fishing for salmon and sea trout.

    Permits for Inland Fisheries Ireland Beats 1 and 2 can be obtained from

    • Inland Fisheries Ireland, Sunnyside House, Masseytown, Macroom, Co. Cork. Tel +353 26 41221 email: [email protected]
    • Centra Stores, Fossa, Killarney, Co. Kerry. Tel:+353 64 33907
    • O’Neills, 6 Plunkett Street, Killarney, Co. Kerry. Tel: +353 64 31970 Fax: +353 64 35689 Web: www.fishingkillarney.com
    • Landers Outdoor World, Mile Height, Tralee, Co Kerry.  Tel: +353 66 7126644, Fax: +353 66 7124378. Text Enquiry Line: +353 87 1201144  e-mail (general): [email protected]   web: www.landers.ie
    • O’Sullivans Foodstore, Beaufort, Killorglin, Co. Kerry
    Beaufort Bridge
    Beaufort Bridge on the River Laune

    Permits for the Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers Association waters can be obtained from

    • Michael O’Shea, Tel: +353 87 2213835
    • Dungeel Farmhouse, Dungeel, Killorglin, Co. Kerry.
    • O’Neills, 6 Plunkett Street, Killarney, Co. Kerry. Tel: +353 64 31970 Fax: +353 64 35689 Web: www.fishingkillarney.com
    • Landers Outdoor World, Mile Height, Tralee, Co Kerry.  Tel: +353 66 7126644, Fax: +353 66 7124378. Text Enquiry Line: +353 87 1201144  e-mail (general): [email protected]   web: www.landers.ie
    • O’Sullivans Foodstore, Beaufort, Killorglin, Co. Kerry
    • Laune Anglers Permit  Details: www.launeanglers.com/permits.htm

    Permits for the following Private Fisheries may be available from

    Angling Associations:

    The Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers Association control angling on a number of stretches. Fisheries controlled by the Association are located 10 minutes from Killorglin off the N72 which runs parallel to the right bank of the River Laune from Beaufort to Killorglin. Beat three commences at Beaufort Bridge (right bank only) and continues for 2 miles to the town land of Lahard.


    Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers’ Association

    Mr Billy Downes, Secretary
    +353 (0)66 7123950
    [email protected]
    Web: www.launesalmonanglers.com

    State Managed Fisheries (Inland Fisheries Ireland):

    Inland Fisheries Ireland (S.W. River Basin District) controls fishing on beats 1 and 2 on the upper reaches of the River Laune.

    Beat 1: This short 300m stretch can be accessed on the left hand bank of the river going upstream to the lake from the Laune Br. Beat 1 can also be accessed on the right bank from the Laune Bridge for circa 150m. There is also access to another 80m long section on the right hand bank as it leaves the lake. To access these sections, you have to pass over the Laune Br, heading south to the T junction, take the left hand turn into the townland of Tomies East. Then take the next left down the farmer’s passage. This track takes you close to the river outflow at the lake. Permit signs are visible on the gate into this passage.

    Mountain scenery
    More Sumptuous Scenery on the Laune

    Beat 2: This stretch covers circa 2.5km and can be accessed from the Laune Bridge downstream or Beaufort Bridge upstream.  Fishing on this stretch is on the right bank only downstream of Laune Bridge or left bank upstream from Beaufort Bridge.

    Please Note: Due to recent erosion of a stretch of the northern bank c. 500m downstream from Laune Bridge, anglers are advised that there is no access to the remainder of Beat 2 along the riverbank from that point.

    Inland Fisheries Ireland regrets any inconvenience caused and has engaged local stakeholders to resolve the issue. Access to Beat 2 from Beaufort Bridge and Beat 1 from Laune Bridge is unaffected.

    Inland Fisheries Ireland advises anglers to heed to warning notices in place at the affected location.

    Permit Prices – Beat 1 and 2

    • Season permit €240
    • Day permit Adult- Salmon €30, Trout €10
    • Day permit Juvenile/Senior – Salmon €15, Trout €10
    • Half Day permit (trout only)- Trout €10

    Laune Anglers Part Time Guides

    Access to Fisheries:

    Designated car parks along the river make it easily accessible. There are also a number of universally accessible stands available for use on the Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers Association water.

    Access to Beats is Well Sign posted on the River Laune

    Access does not imply a right of way and anglers should ensure that, they have the necessary permission to enter or cross private lands. Where possible, anglers should walk along the river bank or lake shore.

    Country Code:

    Anglers should ensure that gates are closed and that fences are not broken or damaged. Care should be taken with crops and livestock. Litter must not be discarded and no fires are allowed. Vehicles should be parked in designated areas and in such a manner that they do not cause obstruction.

    Errors and Inaccuracies:

    Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained on this webpage is accurate, no responsibility will be accepted by Inland Fisheries Ireland for any errors or inaccuracies contained herein.

    Dawn on the River Laune
    Dawn on the River Laune