Following the recent heavy rain, water levels remain high in many of the lakes in the north east and Cavan and Monaghan in particular. Despite the adverse weather and water conditions pike anglers have been having success in the north east.

Angling guide Pat McLoughlin also reports that Benoit Sachet fished over this past week in the Cavan/Monaghan area week and ended up with 50 pike. His best was 102 cm, but he had a lot of 90 cm+ fish.

Also visiting and fishing with angling guide Pat McLoughlin was Thomas Lechat a 16 year old student from the South of France.  Thomas had 49 pike for his week. His best 3 fish were 103 cm (19 lb 12 oz)105 cm (20 lb 3 oz) and 109cm (22 lb 7 oz).

Over the past 3 weeks Pat and his clients had 143 pike on 5 lakes in the Cavan / Monaghan area. 7 of the fish were over 1m.

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Thomas with his 105 cm 20 lb 6 oz pike
Thomas with his 109 cm 22 lb 7 oz pike

Angling guide Peadar O’Brien has been fishing with a number of overseas clients during then past week and had 20 pike on one outing. Peadar reports that he fished with Jean Feinte from France around the Carrickmacross area last week. Even though the weather was wet and windy the water high we still had great results with over 34 fish over a few days. The biggest fish weighed over 19 lb whilst others were in the 8-12 lb bracket, which was good fishing. Peadar said that most of the fish were caught on lures but some were also taken on dead baits.


Jean Feinte from France displays a fine 19 lb Carrickmacross Pike
Another Pike for return visitor Jean Feinte from France

Angling guide Peadar O’Brien also fished over the weekend and reports that the changeable conditions have slowed things down temporarily. A few severe frosts over the weekend have put the pike off a bit but Peadar advises that they will become more active once they have become acclimatised to the new conditions. Peadar had 2 medium sized pike to the boat on Sunday in the Cavan area. Both fish were taken on lures and the best period of activity was again in the late afternoon.

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Angling Guide Peadar O'Brien shows it can be done, even in difficult conditions