Inland Fisheries Ireland would like to remind all salmon and sea trout anglers to return their completed logbooks and any unused gill tags by the 19th October 2011 to their local IFI office. The return of logbooks and unused tags is required under the Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Scheme Regulations.
Anglers must return their logbooks even if they have had a zero catch. IFI also wishes to advise anglers to ensure that they retain a proof of postage for a period of 12 months. Evidence of postage is vital as failure to return a logbook may result in a fine or prosecution.
The Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Scheme provides valuable salmon data to fishery managers, policy advisors and research scientists. This data is critical for the design and implementation of successful strategies to ensure the conservation of wild salmon and sea trout stocks in Ireland.
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