David Warrington of  IrelandsCoarseFishing.com reports on a recent trip (before the rain!) to Cavan

The mixed weather over the last few weeks has undoubtedly effected coarse angling up and down the country, however some water’s in Cavan have been producing quite well.

One of 16 Bream
One of 16 Bream

Over the last weekend in 26th and 27th May I picked up 16 bream, during two night sessions, which saw the fish come on to feed between the hours of 1 am and 4 am, the stamp was around 3 – 4 lb. However, due to the shallow water in front of us, and the horrific heat during the day, we didn’t use keep net’s as fish safety should be paramount no matter what you catch.

While I was chasing Bream however John Rigney was out further west searching for tench. Fishing on the lift method he secured 20 tench for 74lb , and missed one.

Johns 20 tench
John's catch of 20 tench weighed 74lb

Of course not wanting to be out done by John, I set off my self to another location in Cavan for the bank holiday weekend. I  raked and pre-baited on Saturday and was ready for Sunday evening. 5:30pm saw me ready for the off. It was still quite bright out and the going was slow to start with the first tench coming to the net at 7 pm. From then on it was non stop however, with a total or 15 tench in the net, and 5 misses I weighted up to 42 lb, and safely saw each and every fish back to the water.

My 15  tench
My 15 tench

Not content with 15 I headed back out again for an early start, 4:30am, knowing the sun would be up soon, unfortunately the morning session wasn’t quite as successful, however I did anticipate this due to the brightness, and finished up with 6 tench and a Bream for 15 lb.

Not a bad session after all.

Our Next outing is over on Lough Ree, it’s an open event so all  are welcome to join us, it’s a great way to meet other anglers and swap stories, for the full details check out the Forum on Ireland’s Coarse Fishing .

6 tench and  a single bream
6 tench and a single bream