Alice Murtagh IFI reports:

The NCFFI All Ireland Junior competition was held on 21st. July 2012.  Thirty four junior anglers took part in the event.  The following is a list of the winners:-

1st. James O Doherty 3.280kg

2nd. Aaron Hutchman 2.830kg

3rd. Josh Kavanagh 2.000kg


Some English anglers fished Tessie’s shore on Lough Gowna and report good mixed bags of fish up to 60 lb.  Tully Lake is giving good mixed bags with plenty of Bream some weighing 7 lb and Town Lake at Arva is producing good Roach, one angler bagged 43 lb of Roach.

Good mixed bags of Roach, Perch, Skimmers and Hybrids are being caught on Rockfield, while Glasshouse is producing good mixed bags also.

Good bags of small fish are being caught at bridge at Killykeen and Arden Lake is also reported to be giving good bags of fish.

There are plenty of Bream and Roach being caught on Drumlona and at Abbotts while there is good Trout fishing on the Annalee.  One young angler caught 16 Trout.