Jack O’sullivan, RIP, An Appreciation. JACK was definitely one of the best known Irishmen by Britain’s thousands of Coarse Anglers.

He was a deceptive man, casual, easy going in his approach, and soft spoken, but it is all a mammoth, although completely unintentional deception.

For behind the calm, unruffled facade was a dynamo of human energy, a decisive mind capable of quickly rejecting the superfluous and reaching to the core of the matter, whatever it may be.

Up to his retirement from his drapery shop, to thousands of people, not just from his native Fermoy but also from the UK, the sight of Jack O’sullivan leaning over the counter in his shop was a familiar one.

He is a man who worked hard to put the town of Fermoy, and the stretches of the River Blackwater that enhance it, to the forefront of tourism.

The story of Fermoy’s success as a coarse angling centre has been told before, but much of the success that was achieved is down to one man, Jack O’sullivan, for 25 years he led from the front, not just by putting Fermoy on the map as a Coarse Angling destination but also his country, when he brought the likes of the World Coarse Angling Championships to Fermoy in 1968, and many other prestigious events down through the years.

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The Corkman, 12/01/12