Despites the many advances Europeans have made in marine biodiversity science, it is important that they do not become complacent and stop improving our understanding of this area of science, stresses the European Marine Board. Its future science brief, entitled ‘Marine biodiversity: a science roadmap for Europe’, presents a roadmap for marine biodiversity research in Europe.

The world’s oceans provide 95 % of the habitable space on our planet. Various life organisms have found key niches in these areas, and biodiversity plays an important role in ensuring the health of the oceans and their productive ecosystems. These, in turn, help boost the well-being and prosperity of humans as well. Marine life, however, is feeling the pressure – from both climate change and human activities that result in overfishing, ocean acidification and pollution….

CORDIS News. 21/11/12. Read the article ‘Europeans must continue to drive marine biodiversity research’