Bob Roberts writes about the fishing in Ireland on his blog Bob Roberts Online.

I love Ireland! There, I’ve said it. And why not? Well, if you listen to the doom merchants the fishing’s crap, things ain’t what they used to be and it’s had its day. Yeah, right…

…Very soon it will be the last bastion of wild, traditional fishing this side of the Continent. It has vast loughs, inumerous lakes, countless ponds and some of the finest river systems around. Huge catches are still taken, but who wants to hear someone caught 40lb of wild roach in the press when its possible to catch 50lb of tame ones from an artificial puddle back home. Seventy pounds of bream makes for a fantastic days fishing but it’s drop in the ocean compared with 200lb of carp.

But do you know something? I’ve travelled the world for my fishing. Africa, Asia, America, Canada, Europe, but do I measure the success of my trips by what I catch or do I consider the whole experience? What do you think?

And that is why Ireland is so special to me. I meet fabulous people in a green and sparsely populated land, where everyone smiles and the roads are practically deserted. It’s clean and fresh and the fishing is free. No syndicates here. In Ireland you find freedom. If I catch fish as well then I’m over the moon.

Funnily enough I mostly seem to catch plenty of fish, too, but occasionally the weather makes things almost impossible. Let me tell you about my latest visit at the end of last Spring…

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