Angling Update 21st September from the Loughs Agency

21st. September .2012

This report applies to the following rivers:-

•     Mourne

•     Derg

•     Owenkillew

•     Faughan

River Mourne & Derg

Conditions-This report covers the last week.

Plenty of rainfall over the past week has kept many of our Foyle Rivers in good contrition mainly on the upper sections but during some of the dryer periods fishing on the main rivers was also productive.

Salmon Catches – Catches again this week have been good with Salmon present in good numbers across the catchment.

On the rivers Derg, Mourne and Owenkillew fishing has been particularly good, and it’s important to note from the 1st September to the end of the season Derg anglers have introduced catch and release and this is to be welcomed on a river with so many early run fish- Owenkillew River is on the high side today but is looking very promising for this weekend.

River Faughan is coming into good condition and should fish well over the weekend.

River Mourne is looking very promising as water levels fall and fishing should improve in the next few days as water levels stabilise.

Day tickets are available for all the rivers outlined above and if you need further information on this please contact us.

Some notable catches are listed below but this is only a snippet.

•     Desy Patton 6lb, 7 lb Gravenue

•     G Wolfe 7 lb (retd) Gravenue

•     N Gough 7 lb 10 lb (both retd) Blackstone.

•     T Gough 4 lb (retd) Higgins Stream

•     M Mc Keown  3 Grilse (retd) Mourne

•     P McCrea small grilse & 13 lb (retd).Mourne

•     T Mc Ginley 12 lbs (retd).Mourne

•     K Melaugh  6 lb (retd) Paddies

•     V McCabe 9lbs Mourne

•     G Quinn 5 lb pounder spinning. Mourne

•     G Hamilton 5 lb. Mourne

•     M McCrea 5 lb & 8 lb (retd)  Gravenue

•     B Gormley 3 fish on fly(retd) Owenkillew

•     L Swire for England 5 Fish on fly (retd) Owenkillew

Outlook-Rain some rain forecast and fishing should remain good, fresh run Salmon are still running into the system and sometimes landed by anglers mainly on the Mourne and Owenkillew.

Note-  The season on the Rivers Foyle, Finn and Reelan, closed on sat 15th September.