The large flood this week with river currently dropping well promises to provide excellent fishing for this Bann tributary until the end of October.  Fishing prior to this weeks flood has been excellent with plenty of trout and a good head of their Lough Neagh relatives the  highly sought after Dollaghan.  Nymph fishing during the day has yielded great results with anglers not knowing what their next take will be, a 12 inch trout, a three pound dollaghan or a small grilse ( not noted for its salmon but a few are turning up in this years catches).

Local guide Brian Russell fished the river on Monday morning before the flood hit and returned near on forty fish in the 25cm to 45cm range in a couple of hours.  This has been the quality of fishing for the last few weeks with fish up  to around the three pound mark being recorded but a higher average size of dollaghan has ran on this latest flood and night time sunk line tactics should reap rewards in October with these bigger fish.  Anyone wishing to prolong their season into October should contact Brian through website below.

Brian Russell