30/03/12 Lovely Weather at Delphi:

Fishing this week has been difficult to say the least. One would be forgiven for thinking you were on the Cote d’Azuras temperatures reached 21degrees.

The gauge on the Rock Pool is now reading 3cms; so you could say water levels are low.

It’s on weeks like this one has to sit back and enjoy Delphi for what it is, one of the most beautiful places on earth, even though blue skies and no wind are the salmon fisherman’s nightmare.

Believe it or not we did actually catch 3 fish this week, all off Doolough trolling. Hasse Dehlin had one at Cross Point on Sunday of 10lbs approx.

Stephan Boninger had a fish of approx. 8lbs on Monday from Badger Bayand Hasse Dehlin had his second on Tuesday from Weedy Bay of  7.5lbs approx.

All fish were fresh but not sea liced.

At the moment it looks like the dry weather is set to continue and the wind is to go northerly which will make fishing challenging to say the least. It may be a question of taking in the beauty once more and considering oneself lucky to be alive.

Beautiful Delphi
Beautiful Delphi

31/03/12 Amazing:

Just after I post a blog about the beautiful weather we are having and the dreadful fishing conditions we are having, we catch 2 fresh fish. These wonderful creatures never cease to amaze me.

Yesterday morning Yvonne Zirngibl had a sea liced fish of  5lbs7ozs on a Willie Gunn off Finlough. For those of you who can’t remember I did say the river was at 3 cms, which is an amazing level for fish to run the river at.

Marcel Dittrich then had 1 in the afternoon of  approx. 7lbs off the Whin pool again on a Willie Gunn. This fish was fresh but without sea lice.

This brings our total for the year to 24.

Besides this we have a great story this weekend. It concerns a man who is visiting us at the moment. Bob Windsor was fishing the Whin pool in 1994 when he heard a funny noise in the hut. On further examination he discovered a kitten. He approached the nearest house which happened to be where I was living at the time and asked my wife Sarah who was expecting Orla was the kitten ours, which it wasn’t. He proceeded to take the kitten home with him and he named it Delphi. The cat only died last year aged 17 years and one of Bob’s tasks this weekend is to scatter Delphi’s ashes at the hut in the Whin pool.

It was only in discussion with Bob yesterday that we realised the young woman he talked to was my wife Sarah. This is definitely a story for the books.

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