Oliver Farren reports to us on a recent fishing trip he and his friend Jimmy had in a sunny Culdaff Bay. He tells us :

– Great Day, Tide was a bit Low when Launching from Bunagee Pier in Culdaff, Co. Donegal. We tried for a few Mackerel at first with no joy.
We then headed past Dunmore and it was not long until the Pollack appeared. After a few Pollack and Coalies, we decided to head out a bit further and a few Mackerel appeared. We headed out a bit deeper and tried the Kilmore Killers Rig, on the first drop I had a Spurdog.”


I baited up the Kilmore Killers and dropped again, Once I hit the Bottom, My rod started some serious heavy jerking, I started to reel in again but this time it was a lot more difficult to take whatever it was to the top, the pulling seemed to slacken a bit for a few turns of the reel but once that thing saw the surface it started to run again.I kept at it and it was not long until I got a glimpse of this huge Spurdog now thrashing on the surface, I was ready to lift it onto the board when bang! the 4/0 snap swivel on my rod bent and sprang out. The Spurdog was off to the depths again with my trace!

I Attached the “Mickey Fish Rig” and baited up with Mackerel, Jimmy attached the “Orange Tronixpro Muppets” baited with Mackerel, It was not long before Jimmy was struggling to reel in a Bull Huss.

After a few good sized whiting and a few more spurdogs and codling I Struck Gold with the Mickey Fish Rig, a Beautiful Haddock!

This was followed by a lot more Spurdogs, Whiting, Codling, Red Gurnard,

I dropped the unbaited Yamashita Mini Sabiki Muppets size 4G to the Bottom on my second rod and just left it there for a few minutes while i reeled in another spurdog and whiting. The second rod fell forward with a huge bang, I grabbed it and started to reel in, whatever was on it was very heavy, it took a long time to get it to the surface, when I did I could not believe what I saw! a codling on one hook, a whiting below that and on the bottom, a huge Spurdog (these muppets are only suitable for fishing mackerel and have very light line) the Spurdog gave one thrash and snapped off one of the mini muppets then he was off. At least I managed to get the Codling and the Whiting.

After another few Spurdogs, Codling, Whiting, Gurnard we decided to call it a day and headed back to Bunagee Pier, The Mariah lifted through the water like she was going to take off! They are a Great Boat.

It was a great Days fishing. :

Oliver Farren,
Culdaff Bay.
Co. Donegal