Hamish Currie reports on the charter boat fishing out of Red Bay…

25 September Shark are still the main target for my clients at the moment. We are hunting them down at every opportunity but the big talking point was the fish that parted the line after almost 2 hours of battle. The fish, which was never even seen, was hooked by Andrew Logan from Carrick Fergus who has quite a few big sharks under his belt and he assures me that he has never felt anything like it before.

Porbeagle caught by Peter Kleighn from the Netherlands.


A smaller porgie
A smaller porgie for Alex Gosney from Somerset
Another Porbeagle for Predator II
Another Porbeagle for Predator II caught by Odmar Dykman from the Netherlands

From  hook up to the line parting we drifted 7 miles before loosing it. Bait was a live 3lb Pollack. We are stormbound at the moment but come Thursday its going to be a different story.  We’re looking forward to getting out then as the porbeagles are still around. Here is a stunning video of Peter Klieghn from Holland finishing a nice porbeagle shark off. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMBvyF8iCG0&feature=plcp

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