Billy Demery, and east coast angler, reports on a recent kayak fishing trip from Killiney…

Today we were in the mood for a bit of fishing off a kayak for pollack or mackerel on a feather rig. We had no luck with mackerel or pollack but there was no end to the small whiting which just kept taking and taking (and taking and taking and taking).  Having no use for these tiny fish they were released on the spot and despite constantly moving the boat in search of pollack we could never escape the vast shoals of whiting which  were so widespread. These tiddlers were so small we didn’t take any photos and when we eventually we got a different species (sandeel) it felt like a real achievement. Hopefully we’ll see the fishing pick up with this warmer weather.

Its not often a sandeel is considered a worthy catch, but on a day when only baby whiting were caught it was a welcome change