Ballymote and District Angling Club have reported a very productive week on Lough na Leibe. An increase in temperature, combined with water levels dropping close to normal level, has seen a substantial increase in invertebrate and fish activity. Almost 200 trout were landed over the past week, with all but a few returned. The increased temperature towards the end of the week saw the first small hatches of insects, witnessed by anglers on the lough. These included small duck-fly, brown and dark olive buzzers and small lake olives. This brought a considerable number of fish close to the surface of the water. Some club anglers had great sport, with Vice Chairman Bernard McDermott recording over 40 trout for two days fishing. Other Club members including Dave Cadman, Francis Brady and Martin Lawrence recorded catches well into double figures. Many other Club anglers also enjoyed great sport over the week, too many to name. If you have a catch to report please e-mail it to the Club email address available on the Club website Successful fly patterns included the Sooty Olive nymph, Duckfly emerger, Pheasant Tail nymph and various lure patterns such as the Nomad, Orange Blob, the Booby in various colours and the Woolly Bugger.