Carton House Fishery report 2nd August 2012

Fishery Manager,Rob Love reports on fishing at the Carton House Fisheries near Maynooth

River Liffey.

The river has finally dropped to summertime levels and long may it last.  Fishing has been superb over the last few days with large numbers of Sedge on the water and perhaps surprisingly large falls of spent Mayfly (although by and large the trout appear to be ignoring them).

Evening fishing with small brown Sedge patterns is producing some cracking sport and if you are prepared to wait until just after dark (depending on where you are) there are quite a number of good sized fish feeding.

The Rye Water.

The Rye has been fishing very well over the last few months and has not been affected by floods as much as other rivers on the east coast such as it’s mother river the Liffey and the Boyne.

As with the Liffey, there are large numbers of Sedge present and one of my personal favourites, the CDC & Elk appears to be very effective – with the crystal clear water in the Rye – just as the light is fading.

The stock of Brownies released by the boat house are doing quite well at settling in above the Salmon weir and while it is difficult to establish exact numbers the number of large rises seen from the boat house in the evening would suggest a healthy number.  These fish have proved to be difficult enough to attract with traditional patterns only having limited success however a number of fish were caught and released on Stimulators in the last week.

The Sheet Water.

A nice rainbow trout from the sheet water at Carton House

The fishing on the Sheet Water has been very good as of late.  Frank Carr’s fishing party having a ball with everyone enjoying a bit of success.  The new stock of rainbows appear to have stirred things up a little and there is more activity from the older and larger fish lately than has been seen in quite a while.  Usual flies will work well with blobs being particularly effective – although the takes are so subtle that a fair degree of concentration is needed.

Oliver Townshend lands a fine trout for his Godfather Frank Carr on the Sheet water last Sunday.

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