A stock survey early in the season showed a slight decline in trout numbers on Corrib, but this was certainly not the experience of anglers during the year, particularly for the mayfly season. The mayfly this year was a special one, with the best hatches observed for many years, and trout feeding heavily on these and offering great sport. Corrib usually goes very quiet during the warmer summer months, and while the number of anglers out on the lake during this time certainly dropped to very low numbers, those who fished at this time enjoyed very good sport, with no apparent summer lull. The late season was tougher, not helped by wet and windy conditions for much of the time, but overall it proved one of the best seasons in recent years.

Many anglers remarked to me over the season on the numbers of fish being killed, particularly large trout taken on buzzer. While there is a catch limit of 4 trout per day on Corrib, anglers are reminded that this is not a target, and are asked to please use common sense and restraint – only take home what fish you are going to eat yourself. Many anglers would love to see catch-and-release being introduced to competition fishing also, and this would be a welcome step.

In the meantime, with the rods hung up in the shed, its time to get the tying vice out and stock up on the killer patterns for next year.