David Muirin reports from Wicklow:
After the last session when my friend Jay and I fished local piers I had a big step forward in my LRF. His knowledge about different techniques, gear , lures , presentation, bite detections etc made a big impact on my lure fishing. This year I was struggling to catch a wrasse. To date I got only one- from the kayak. After Jay’s visit the wrasse sack has been opened. Thanks again mate !
I love catchin’ them-there is no two fish in the same colouration. They are small fish but I’m using  monoline  0.12 mm and fish quite deep at 10ft. Without reel drag set perfectly there is no chance to pull them out.
Apart wrasse there is a full variety of mini species which habitat my local piers.
Most common are pouting and poor cod.

LRF is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.
It was a typical bite. Tap, tap and light rod tip bent.  Striked-fish on ! But there is no run, no fight.
Octopus on power isome ! I’ve never seen this creature in flesh before.
At the tip of my pier, there is a very  strong river and sea current. The last cast, I let the lure to be dragged with the river flow,  just keepin’ the line in tension and trying to keep it close to the bottom. Bites were  gentle but clearly visible on the sensitive rod tip. I struck only one fish, which appeared to be my first ever lure caught dab. lol.

The lateral line is marked by a distinctive semi-circular curve above the pectoral fin.
This tiny flatie is my 19th lure caught species in the Lure Heaven hunt comp.
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