Loughs Conn & Cullin
The extremely sunny and warm weather impacted on the fishing for some time during the week. However, anglers again reported some great fishing despite the difficult conditions.
All anglers fishing out of Pontoon Bridge Hotel enjoyed good fishing, with lots of small fish released. Annual visitor Stuart Lyon, Scotland had 17 keepers for his trip, best at 1.75 lbs., while Chris Wathen, UK caught 8 trout best at 2.75 lbs. Other successful anglers included Harry Rechfeld, Switzerland with 7 trout (best 2 lbs.) and Jack Mellet, Castlebar who had 4 trout for 4lbs.
Good numbers of trout were also reported by anglers fishing out of Gerry Murphy’s Boat Hire, Massbrook. Kevin Quinn and party of three, Galway, averaged 4 trout each over 3 days, best at 2 lbs., while Chris and Eddie Cooney, Tipperary, had 7 trout each over two days.
Fishing out of Brackwansha, Gary Binley, Foxford boated four good trout, while Peter Byrne, Castlebar, had 3, best at 2 lbs.
Elsewhere, Stephen Brown, Cloghans, had four trout, best at 1.75 lbs. in Castlehill Bay, while Joe Cosgrove, also Cloghans, enjoyed some good fishing during the week with fish up to 2.5 lbs.
Most successful flies during the week included Gray Wulff, Octopus, Bibio and various mayfly patterns (dry and wet).
A number of competitions were also fished during the week:
Foxford Anglers held an evening’s competition during the week which was won by John Burke, Foxford. Crossmolina Angling Club hosted the annual Aidan Connor Cup fished out of Gortnorabby. The first prize was scooped by Michael Monaghan, Knockmore with 2 trout for 4 lbs.
On Saturday, 26 May the I.T.F.F.A. National Championship was fished on Lough Conn in conjunction with Lough Conn & Cullin Anglers Association. The event was badly affected by strong and gusty Easterly winds. However, a total of 120 anglers accounted for 56 trout over the 13 inch limit. First place went to Tom Sweeney, Macroom with 3 trout totaling 2.25 kg. Other successful competitors who will represent Ireland in 2013 are John Dixon (Coleraine), John Deacy (Culfin), John Willis (Mallow), Gerry Heaslip (Dublin), Terry Walshe (Clane), Danny O’Keeffe (Wicklow), Con Malone (Macroom), Stevie Ellis (Bangor) and Kenneth O’Keeffe (Sheelin). We wish these anglers the very best of luck at the 2013 International Championships. 

Tom Sweeney, winner of the ITFFA championship with his bag of trout
Tom Sweeney, winner of the ITFFA championship with his bag of trout

Foxford Anglers held a second competition on Sunday, 27 May. The President’s Cup was sponsored by Murphy’s Boat Hire and results were as follows: 1st: Gary Binley, Foxford, 2nd Billy McGee, Ballyvary, 3rd Paul Heaney, Galway.
Finally, Castlebar Anglers held a competition from Healy’s Hotel which was won by Peter Byrne, Castlebar.
Markus Müller reporting.
IFI Fisheries Information Manager