Angling Guide Richie Ryan reports on good inshore fishing for mullet for his clients in West Cork

Welsh angler Andy Davies and Eire Bass guide Richie Ryan reported on their first mullet trip of the year.   Andy and Richie ” hook” up every year for a few sessions of fly fishing for this Irish “Bonefish”.  Richie says they are a bit easier to catch in the early part of the year.   They use small unweighted Czech  nymphs and 8 lb. flourocarbon as a very long trace.

The mullet are very difficult to hook due to their hard mouths but often fight harder than bass when hooked.  Many fish are lost during frenetic runs and tear line off the reel at a tremendous rate.     Richie landed and recorded a fine early season Mullet of over 4 lb. on the fly and quickly returned his fish after a quick photo.

Richie Ryan wins Catch of the Week with a lovely early season Mullet taken on fly - the first of the year reported to IFI.

Great sport if you can get to beach where they start to shoal at this time of year.

Richie Ryan
Eire Bass

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