Gearoid Kirwan tells us that coarse fishing on the River Shannon has dramatically improved during the past week with some nice bags being recorded. With an increase in water levels and a drop in water temperature fish seem to be adjusting back to their usual feeding patterns.

The hot water stretch at Shannonbridge Powerstation is attracting a lot of anglers due to some great fishing being enjoyed by several visiting anglers. Lithuanian angler Yordan Dimitrov has being getting some good fishing at the hot water stretch using maggots and worms as bait. He is reporting daily catches of up to 15lb of hybrids, bream and perch.

A nice net of perch, hybrids and roach
A nice net of perch, and silver fish

Local bait and tackle supplier Ray Duthie has also reported some great fishing along the upper Shannon system. Mr. Duthie reports that fishing in the general area has improved immensely in the past week. He recommends fishing the canal during the morning and fishing on the river into the evening time.


Coarse anglers are advised to take particular care especially when playing, landing, unhooking and releasing the fish due to the recent hot weather spells and the low oxygen levels present in the water. Minimum handling is recommended when it comes to unhooking fish. If at all possible it is recommended not to take the fish out of the water and to unhook the fish in the water taking care not to remove or damage any of the fish’s protective slime. It would also be a huge benefit during the hot days if anglers didn’t use the intended keepnets to retain the fish unless absolutely necessary to further insure the fish’s health and safe release.