Galway Bay fm newsroom – Marine Institute testing carried out following the discovery of dead fish on Loughrea Lake last month (May) has found no significant bacteria or viral disease.

Samples were taken and sent for labortatory analysis after 100 dead perch were recovered on May 12th.

A spokesperson for Inland Fisheries Ireland says the cause of the fish kill is not clear, however it is quite likely to be just stress-related and associated with spawning.

Fish can get stressed during spawning time resulting in the weakening of their immune systems.

A statement adds that the number of fish killed was quite small in terms of the stock in the lake and other species were not impacted.

Inland Fisheries concludes that Loughrea Lake has produced good trout fishing in recent weeks so it appears to be an isolated incident.

Galwaybay FM 14/06/2013 Read the article ‘ Fish kill testing shows no significant bacteria at Loughrea lake’