THE salmon angling season starts tomorrow, albeit on a limited number of river and lake fisheries. Lough Gill (Sligo); Carrowmore Lake (Mayo) and the Drowes River (Donegal/ Leitrim) continue their early season start, and the lower Liffey is back in business on a catch and release basis.

Looking at the Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Regulations for 2013, it is noticeable that fisheries deemed “open” are edging ever closer to those closed. There are now 55 fisheries open and 59 that are closed.

In between, of course, is the catch and release scheme that accounts for 32 rivers and lakes. The River Liffey, from Islandbridge (Dublin) downstream of Leixlip Dam (Kildare), falls into this category for the first time since 2007….

Irish 31/12/12 Read the article ‘Guidelines for anglers as salmon angling season gets under way’