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20/05/2013: Following a bout of heavy rain the week started off with a bang with Tiernan’s big fish in Enniscorthy. A number of other high double figure fish were lost including one by Eanna Murphy which broke him by wrapping itself around a rock on the Farmleigh stretch. The good fishing was spread along the river with one beat producing 4 fish on Thursday and several lost. Also on Thursday Stuart Feeney landed 2 fish at Kildavin,  and Mary Harkin one further downstream on Friday. By the week end the sun and dry weather started to take its toll and I would expect the river to quieten down a bit until we see another fresh.

The redd count for the river for 2012 has recently come to hand and while we are still a very long way off the level of abundance seen in the 1960s the trend is mildly encouraging with a total of just over 1200 redds counted which is the second best result since 2001. You can click though to see details of the 2012 count and the comparative figures for the past 15 years along with an earlier report on the November visit to the redds.

Slaney River - Tiernan Sludds at Enniscorthy
Slaney River - Tiernan Sludds at Enniscorthy

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