Billy Downes of the Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers Association reports on how the Laune has been fishing recently…

As of Monday 19th August Laune at just at 1 foot on the gauge at Johnston’s and in good order for all methods.

Fishing during the past week was mixed early in the week up to Wednesday there were a lot of fish met.

Thursday and Friday were not good generally speaking unless you are Tom Curtayne who met five fish at Gorry on Thursday morning and caught one there on Friday.

A Laune salmon about to go back
A Laune salmon about to go back

Over the weekend with a greater fishing effort some anglers had good sport.  (when you meet two fish in a session)  Among these were on Sunday, Sean Oakes at Johnston’s,  Mike Crowley at Paul Connor’s and Richard Barry met three fish at Breen’s.  Mike and Richard are saying that its all down to their flies and it may be true, must get some.  Most of the anglers who fish Johnston’s on Sunday met fish.  Most fish being caught are nice fresh fish up to about 6 lbs. The ones that are getting away are as always the better fish and there have been some of those too.

There were about 28 fish reported for the week.

Permits for Laune Anglers during August and September will only cost €35 per day.

Beat 3:

Water on Beat 3 is now a bit low but still very fishable.  There have been a few fish reported for the week from the beat.   Thomas Ward and his son Adam had three fish on Beat 3 early in the week, two on fly one spinning.


Very good now that the commercial nets are finished but a drop of water would be no harm by the weekend.

Billy Downes

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