David McEvoy reports from Delphi Fishery:

26/04/2013: I’m afraid that Germany have been even more emphatic in their victory in the salmon fishing league this week than in football. At this moment in time they lead 10-1. The only consolation is that they have more players on their team!!

Since my last update we have landed 5 salmon, all on Tuesday.

The dynamic husband and wife duo of Heinz and Heidi Hoefler had a magic morning on Finlough boating three fish. Heinz had two weighing in at 12lbs13ozs and approx.11lbs and Heidi had one weighing in at 9lbs11ozs. All fish were landed on a Frances.

In the afternoon Michael Pettigrew managed to claw back some degree of respectability when he landed a fish of 10lbs5ozs on a Stoats Tail from Finlough.

Heribert then landed his fourth fish of the week, off the Grilse pool on a Collie Dog and weighing in at approx 6.5lbs.

Since Tuesday the weather changed, it’s gotten cold again and the fish have turned off with none taken or touched since. However, it must be noted that good numbers of fish have been seen in the system, so hopefully we will see some fish landed in the next few days.

On the Champions League of Salmon fishing I must say well done to the Irish contingent of the Pettigrews’ and the Layden brothers who tried hard but were well beaten. Hey that’s fishing, you never know. I reckon the German team were just lucky!!!

Heinz & Heidi Hoefler - The Dynamic Duo
Heinz & Heidi Hoefler - The Dynamic Duo

28/04/2013: Week 17 turned out to be a good one with 16 fish landed. There were 4 off the River, 11 off Finlough and 1 off Doo. The earlier part of the week was especially good when the weather was milder, but it became more difficult when the winds swung around to the North and the temperatures plummeted.

However, since my last update we have landed 5, two on Friday, two Saturday and one by lunch today.

Heinz Hoefler was first off the mark on Friday with a beautiful sea liced fish from the Whin pool weighing in at 10lbs2ozs. The fish was taken on a Collie Dog. The second fish was taken by Urs Leibundgut who having arrived a few hours earlier managed to land a sea liced fish of 8lbs9.5ozs from the Meadow on a Willie Gunn.

Yesterday Fredo Dietrich (who hasn’t been here for 13 years) had the first, a fish of 7lbs1oz off Finlough on a Silver Ally shrimp.

Then Tim Chilcott had his first ever salmon, a sea liced fish of 8lbs9ozs from the Rock pool. The fish was taken on a Delphi Collie and I suspect there will be one great salmon party back in London in the next few weeks.

Finally this morning Yvonne had a sea liced fish from the Meadow pool of 6lbs13ozs on a Delphi Collie.

Fredo Dietrich
Fredo Dietrich

Despite being a bit cold water levels are perfect with the river running at 40, which if anything will go up as we are getting heavy showers at the moment.

Since Urs arrived, he also informed me that I had made a serious error in last year’s newsletter. I’m afraid I only credited him with a total Delphi catch of 376 when it should have been 380. For this error I apologise profusely!! So all he now needs is another 19 to hit the 400!!

Tim Chilcott with his first fish
Tim Chilcott with his first fish salmon

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