Simon Ashe reports from Ballynahinch Castle Fishery – week ended 1st August 2013

Fantastic Fishing after Dry Spell

After a prolonged dry spell lasting most of the month of July the welcome rain over the past few days has rejuvenated the fish along with the fishermen!  Frustrated by large numbers of fish that would simply not look at a fly over the past 3 weeks, the anglers at Ballynahinch have been rewarded with some fantastic fishing since last weekend.  8 fish have been landed in the past few 3 days with many more lost.

Paddy Corcoran landed a 8lb fish from Beat 4 and returned a 4lb grilse on Beat 1.  Tom McManus has returned 2 fish from Beat 4 whilst on the same day, Derek Strauss (pictured on the left) landed a fine 9lb summer salmon also from Beat 4 and has just released a fine fish under the hotel whilst losing another.  Cyril Biggins and Jonathan Broderick have also had good fortune with grilse from from Beat 2.

Not only are we catching good numbers of salmon, the amount of fish that are rolling, turning and boiling at anglers’ flies is a marvel and ensures we have many excited fishermen after their day, even if they have not managed to ‘connect’.

The long dry spell has meant that many of the fish have ‘imprinted’ in the beats where they have been held up since the dry spell began.  This means that they are less inclined to move through the system after a rise in water, thus ensuring we have a higher proportion of the salmon stock within the Castle Stretch for the remainder of the season.  SnaBeg, Beats 1, 2, 4 & 6 have huge numbers of resident fish and this bodes very well for the remainder of the season; so long as the unsettled weather remains.

Spawning Bed Maintenance

The low water during July enabled us to carry out our regular maintenance on the larger spawning beds throughout the Castle Stretch to ensure there is ample, well maintained spawning gravels and nursery areas for the juvenile salmon to thrive. Past experience has shown there to be an instant benefit, with salmon spawning the following December and January in areas that have previously become unsuitable for spawning predominantly due to compaction or ‘washing out’ of existing gravel beds.

Fishing Reservations for 2013

Whilst we are very busy for the coming weeks there are still some slots available on the river and I would envisage some fantastic angling so long as the weather remains unsettled.  Contact the hotel reception on 095 31006 to make a reservation.

Ballynahinch Castle,

Recess, Connemara, Co. Galway.

Phone: 095 31006