Luke Aston, skipper of the Clare Dragoon out of Carrigaholt report on his recent trips on the Shannon Estuary and beyond…

Well at last I get round to my first report of the year and maybe that is the best reflection on what has been happening on the fishing front here so far! The main news is that the weather has played havoc on the start of the season. The unseasonably cold spring has meant that water temperature is still well below normal and the windy conditions have meant we have only got out to test the fishing now and again. However as I write this, things seem to be on the up and the forecast is good.

bull huss
A nice bull huss

However let’s not be all glum! When I have got out, and I did do 3 days last week, the fishing on the reefs just a few miles off has been excellent. While Mackerel have been very difficult with only one day so far when there were lots about, the amount of whitefish seems to be well up.

ballan wrasse
Plump ballan wrasse

Only one day produced good Mackerel fishing but on that day the size of the fish was very good. On other days we have struggled to get any more than 3 or 4 of them. On the reefs there seem to be any amount of Pollack and Coalfish once you put in a little effort to find them. Most of them are in and around the 4lb bracket with some up to 8 lbs. If the numbers stay there should be great sport this year as the size increases. There have also been catches of Ling, Haddock and Whiting.

A nice looking pollack under the cliffs

Closer in we have had a few fine Ballan Wrasse and the odd Bull Huss at anchor.
Luke Aston
Clare Dragoon

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