Alan O’Neill of Fly ‘n’ Lure reports:

It has been a slow start for the fly and lure angler so far this month, the more productive angling once again on the bigger tides. Checker Bass, Sea Trout and Coalfish being caught on lures, when the appropriate conditions allowed. The better fishing being had during the weekend of the 11th – 13th on a very strong 4.9 tide cycle during a spell of mild weather.
On the decreasing side of the same cycle, a 4.2 meter tide produced best on the 18th for local bait anglers, with decent numbers of small codling showing up along with respectable sized Coalies. Unfortunately the 19th and 20th of January saw the introduction of an Easterly wind, increasing in strength and duration along with plummeting air temperature, fishing began to slow once again but with the confusion of the Sea Trout season finally clarified, we have now one more species to target before the return of some decent sized Bass.


Alan's favourite angling location
Alan's favourite angling location

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