Angling Guide Sid Jones strikes it rich with “Double Hounds” again.  This time Sid heads to the Wexford coast..  He tells us:

With a trip booked in for Saturday 22 June and the weather turning for the worst, increasing wind speeds and a lot of rain fall on the cards.  After looking over my fishing log and checking out one of my marks the decision was made…. A north Wexford cove I have fished many times. On arriving at the venue comments flowed about how beautiful the area was and how sheltered we were.  Spirits were high and the question shortly followed… “how do you think we’ll do” .  This was answered with my rod bending over from some serious power meaning one thing… Fish on !!  After a fight of a few wonderful minutes two beautiful Smooth hound were landed… DOUBLE HOUNDS again !!! While releasing the fish Alan Buckley and Stephen Sullivan were shouting to me that my rod was bouncing……. Another Smoothie of 5lb+ was landed.. 3 Smooth hounds at one time …. Magical.

With a quick lesson and arming the lads hooks with fresh Peeler crab they cast their lines and waited….. Alan Buckley landed a beautiful marked Smooth hound of 3.5lb and 10 minuets or so later Stephen Sullivan fought and landed his first ever fish from the sea a memorable Smooth hound of 3.75lbs….. 10 Smoothies were landed and released with all of us with fish to our names on the trip. Thanks for the great memories lads.

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