Boyne Sea Angling Club in Drogheda held a lure and fly competition on the County Louth coastline on Sunday last 30th June. Nine anglers took part in the event which ran from 11am to 3pm. The water was crystal clear in areas and the wind was from the south west. Cloudy conditions gave way to bright sunny skies in the afternoon. The event was won by Billy Durning with a 59cm bass and Peter Cunningham was second with a 54cm bass. A number of smaller fish were also taken.

The Boyne Sea Angling Club continues to recruit new members so why not drop in to Peter Cunningham in the Boyne Angling Centre in Drogheda to join up and get top tackle and tips. You can contact Peter at [email protected] at 087 2169726

Competition Winner Billy Durning with a Nice Bass from the Louth Coastline
Peter Cunningham With a Nice 54cm Bass from Co. Louth
Anglers in Action on the Louth Coastline Last Sunday
A Schoolie Bass Being Helped to Hand by the Following Wave
Find the Food and You Will Find the Fish
Schoolies Take a Long Time to Mature and Should be Handled Carefully