Ghille Vincent Appleby reports from his blog on Lough Currane and this time further out to sea with his friend Kevin Brain:

04/10/2013: We head down stream out into the Atlantic for a bit of Bass Fishing with Mr. Kevin Brain of  and his Client. So we let Kevin give you the full SP on my Salmon of the Sea and I quote,” I was out fishing for Bass today with a client and we caught 7 bass to 6lb 4oz and the client asked me how old would the bass be of that size, so I have taken a few scale samples 2 from each side of the bass, put them under a microscope, the bass was 12 years old and when I showed him how to count the years from a scale he was well impressed, I was trained up in 2001 how to do this.”

Kevin with Salmon of the Sea my Noble Bass
Kevin with Salmon of the Sea my Noble Bass

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