Ken O’Neill reports that last week a 7lb Trout was caught on the fly at Lough Meelagh – (a small lake stocked by by the Tulla Angling club) last week.  The Tulla Angling Club official, John Punch, was thrilled by catching this fish.  He says that he was trying to catch this fish for the past couple of years and he just knew that he would be massive.  He says that the wiley trout had always found out Johns cunning angling techniques – and vanished into the depths leaving John wondering for ages where he would rise next – but never would again that day.  Johns says that the trout was very clever – “He didn’t get to be that size by being foolish”.  John caught the trout on the fly at the reedy edge of the lake with an early cast and was amazed the old trout fell for it – “he must have been dozing”.  John returned this fine fish grow even bigger.