What else is happening at Sheelin

This week from March 13th to March 15th. IFI carried out their annual test netting survey on the lake. This is an important and necessary scientific survey to basically find out exactly what is going on in our lake. We need this information to progress forward and to keep improving our managerial strategies to keep Lough Sheelin as a prime trout fishery at the top of the Irish and eventual world fishing league This is the 37th survey on Lough Sheelin and this year has showed some very promising preliminary results for the trout angler(final estimate to be calculated next week) with high numbers of trout, a reduction in pike and the almost complete absence of roach This survey (for those who aren’t sure) involves the setting of 30 sets of nets (7 nets to a set, each net measuring 220metres varying between 1 ½ – 4 “) in all areas of the lake so as a result it gives us a very good insight into the fish stocks over the entire lake. The fish are measured and scales are removed to age them, their stomach contents are examined to see what exactly they are eating which for this year as in others is asellus or freshwater louse, shrimp and very encouragingly mayfly larvae which gives a very positive indication of an excellent may fly hatch for this year so anglers be prepared.

Brenda Montgomery, IFI

Lough Sheelin