Rob Love from Carton House tells us “As I write, the poor old Rye Water is in desperate need of a good drop of rain.  Fishing on the river is very challenging and best left to evening time, when sedges are appearing in good numbers.

A very simple yet extremely effective sedge pattern worth trying is the CDC & Elk – especially on these warm balmy evenings which seem to have become the norm.

A nice sized Brownie from the Rye Lake early Wednesday morning
A nice sized Brownie from the Rye Lake early Wednesday morning

When armed with a variety of Woolly Buggers and other (although not as fabulously named) lures there is some sport to be had on the Rye Lake.  Water clarity is not as good as normal at the moment and flies with palmered hackles in particular are working – perhaps because of the disturbance they make in the water.

While there are fantastic hatches of Sedge in the evening, fishing on the lake can be a little bit hit and miss.  Some nights the fish can really switch on whereas on others they can seem completely disinterested, despite the number of insects on the water.

Our stocked lake – the Sheet of Water has a similar tale to tell.  Some evenings are relatively quiet while on others the fishing can be splendid.    As well as sedge patterns in the evenings buzzers work well as can lures such as Woolly Buggers or damsels.

The Sheet of Water is a more forgiving stretch of water to fish than the Rye which can be quite demanding.  It is perhaps more suited to the beginner / improving angler and it is far more sheltered than the Rye Lake which helps with anyone brushing up on casting technique.  Fishing on the Sheet of Water is only permitted when with a guide.

Rob Love
Carton House Fishery

If you have any queries about fishing at Carton House please contact Guest Relations on (01) 5052000 or me on 087
1947811.  You can also see the other activities on offer at Carton House by checking the Carton House website

A day permit is €50.  Anglers should note that this means they can fish for pike on the Rye Lake, trout on the Rye Lake, trout on the Rye Water and trout on the Sheet of Water (all fly only) in this timeframe – so if one is not working the other might.

Tickets / permits should be purchased at the hotel main reception prior to fishing.  Parking is at the boathouse on the lake.  Please respect the wishes of golfers and stay off greens and Tee areas as they can become badly cut up when fishing activity takes place on them.