Trout have continued to rise to various dry Mayfly patterns, despite the hatches dwindling of late, with some good spent fishing had during the warm settled weather. Fishing out of Cloghans, Billy McGhee, Ballyvary and Dominick McGowan, Foxford, had eight trout in Castlehill Bay, up to 2lbs, on dry Mayflies. Stephen Brown and Sean Creane, Cloghans, reported one trout each on an evening on the Spent.

Out of Pontoon Bridge Hotel, James McWalter, Co. Dublin fishing the Royal Wulff, had three up to 3lbs. Mary, Colm and Michael Geary recorded seven trout for an evening on dry Mayflies, their best 2lbs. Rod McIntyre, Co. Dublin also enjoyed good sport with five trout and a salmon for his trip.

Fishing from the Brackwansha shore Brian Gallagher and Eddie Murray, Co. Galway, had six trout up to 2lbs, fishing the Bog Bay area. New York pair Bryan Sullivan and Gerry Coney had four trout averaging 1.5lbs and one pike caught on the troll.

Ian Wise of the Cloonamoyne Fishery reported how Mark Wilson and party of two enjoyed six successful days on the Lough’s, averaging eight trout per day, all on dries, with their best weighing 2.25lbs. Dougie Morris, Surrey, U.K. had one grilse and five trout, while Ian recorded four trout up to 1.25lbs all on Wulffs.