Jason O’Riordan of Game Fishing Ireland takes a leaf out of Jack Charlton’s book and works under pressure to deliver :
06/08/2013: When Darren told me he wanted to catch a bass I thought great, but when he said that he had been trying without success all year I began to feel the pressure.   I decided on an early Sunday morning session and we set off to our chosen mark.  Within 15 minutes it was “Fish on” but the brute managed to break the line off a snag.  Fish gone, lure gone . .. . .not a good start!!  About an hour later I suggested we move to another spot and rigged up a soft plastic worm.  The tactical change gave Darren renewed optimism and a few casts later it was “fish on . . .. again”.  This time things went according to plan and the superb bass was landed safely.

Darren with his first sea bass
Darren with his first sea bass

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