The Carrigallen Festival was fished over 4 days from 28 September to 03 October at Gulladoo Upper, Dereskit, Haughtson Shore on Lough Garadice and Rockfield. 44 anglers took part and some good catches were returned.

The winner this year was R Pratt with 33.55kg. In second place was W Fuller with 31.13kg and third was N Harrison with 30.07kg.

On Day 1 catches were modest enough and no one broke 10kg, though K Murphy caught 8.06kg. Day 2 saw 4 anglers in double figures and the competition had already become very interesting. On Day 3 second placed W. Fuller had yet to get a good bag, while things were looking good for 3rd place N Harrison who was the only angler in double figures on the day. The last day proved good with big bags from a number of anglers. Both D Grace and R Pratt had over 14 kg on the last day, but it was R Pratt who was the eventual winner.

Carrigallen Festival Winners and Committee Members