Brian O’Neill reports that he and fishing buddy Ian took a trip to Ballyhoe lakes yesterday which we have not seen in six years and were shocked at it’s transformation. Park bench picnic area excellent parking and spotlessly clean.

We had been fishing about an hour and were approached by Gareth Reilly (Meath Hill Angling Club) who was very pleasant in manner and informed us that it was now a club venue. After a while talking we joined up with the club at a very reasonable price.

The waters here are monitored on a regular basis through the day which leaves you with a feeling of safety and security for yourself your vehicle and belongings.

Brian comments “the fishing has improved at a vast rate and we had lots of different species for the day including pike, roach, skimmer’s and perch”.


The Serene Setting at Ballyho
The Serene Setting at Ballyho Lake