Paul Waghorne, blogger, podcaster and angler continues to report from Lanesborough and where the fishing has been quite hard going recently, more so now that the hot water has been turned off…

22/04 Up at dawn and it was bloody cold! The gusher however, was the warmest I’d felt this year. I opened my tinca account this morning with a fine young male of 2 lb 3 oz. Aside from that possible fluke, only three Rudd were added to my tally.For most of the day there was only one angler present on the stretch, who had a number of Roach.
Our evening was another disappointment. It occurred to me earlier that not one single Bream has been reported so far.

23/04 This is fast becoming a year to forget, Roy Cuthbertson had about 12lb of 3-4oz Roach and easy to catch below the bush, but at the gusher two anglers retired without much success. The upstream breeze dropped around 6.30pm so I ventured across to the navigation to find masses of spawn on the wall. Needless to say, I couldn’t buy a bite in 30 minutes. Back to the bush on the hot stretch for one solitary Roach, could it get much worse? Yes, of course it could. I decided to get the feeder rod and go tenching towards the disabled swims. As I put my gear down, the wind roared and a torrential downpour soaked me in 5 minutes. After that I just stood and shivered for two hours for a Rudd and a Perch. It was just starting to rain when I fluked a small Tench of 2 lbs 6oz.

Tench swims
The tench swims at Lanesborough are still looking a bit wintery…

24/04  A glorious morning without so much as a bite for my first blank of the year. The sun was on the water by 07:30 and by then I knew it was time to quit. The gusher was steaming and the water was as warm as a bath tub. Connor Browne arrived to show how we should be catching and is sitting on the bush swim. At the end of the day he showed his true class by amassing a 40lb mixed bag on the bush. The best fish was a 1lb 6oz Rudd. A few tried for tench in the evening, but failed.

25/04 The few coarse anglers really struggled and the shoal that has been resident near the bridge for the past week has moved on. Surprisingly, there is still water coming out of the gusher, albeit cold. The evening session was very uneventful.

26/04  The water from the gusher is still running, but cold, and as long as it does so, if the ambient air temperature rises, then some fish will stay in the stretch.

27/04 Late news, sometime last week Tim Collyer had marginal success on the disabled swims, amassing eight Tench to 5 lbs 7oz. Of course, this was before the water went cold. Without the influence of the power station, I’m not sure what the required water temperature would be to draw the tincas into the river under normal conditions? They can’t be too far away, perhaps we will see them soon?

Paul Waghorne

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