Jason O’Riordan and Ken Whelan join forces to bring you a  ‘match the hatch’ type course for those who fly fish small lakes and reservoirs.  The course will take place 17th January at Courtlough Fishery in Balbriggan Dublin.  See more on ‘Matching the hatch – Reservoirs and Small Lakes – January 17th

Jason O'Riordan - Course photo 1Phase 1: (classroom) – slides and images as an introduction to small still water entomology, including images of what we may find in the lake. A summary of the various life cycles (including fry) and the sequence of insect hatches throughout the season.  Details of important terrestrials likely to feature on the trouts diet during the year.

Phase 2: – collecting and sorting the insects into groups along the lake shore


Phase 3: – going through the fly boxes and tying in the imitations with the natural animals. Emphasis will be placed on how the insects, crustaceans / snails move and how the flies move in the water and at what depth.

Jason O'Riordan - Course photo 2Phase 4: – angling approaches, equipment and tackle, techniques and set ups

A place on the course would make an ideal Christmas gift!

Fry imitation Articulated Zonker with diving vane
Fry imitation Articulated Zonker with diving vane

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