Billy Downes reports on the salmon fishing on the River Laune for the week ending 26 May…

Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers’ Association waters and Beat 3.

One great fish for John Hussey this week from the Laune.  A beauty of 20.5lbs caught on Sunday at Johnston’s High bank on a Black Flying ‘C’.

Unfortunately this was the only fish I heard of for the past week.  Water level and clarity is ideal at just under 2 feet on the gauge at Johnston’s.  The only factor that went against good fishing was the low temperature of air and water.  Apart from the John’s great fish, the fishing would have to be described at very poor.

Permits for Laune Anglers waters right now cost only €25 per day. 

Beat 3:

Perfect water on Beat 3 no fish reported for the week.

For Beat 3 Permit Costs click on: Beat 3 Permit Prices 2014


Not looking good even allowing for the draft nets being in operation,  the return to anglers for this past week was poor despite a reasonable angling effort.

Anglers please note: A ‘One Day’ salmon permit for Beat 3 only costs €25
Billy Downes  Secretary
Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers’ Association

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Fishing on the lake produced 3 fish weighing 6lbs -7lbs each, landed trolling by local and visiting anglers.


No report.