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St Mullins is a popular location on the River Barrow which attracts tourists from near and far. The River Barrow is Ireland’s second longest river at 192 km flowing through six county’s where it meets the sea at Waterford Harbour. The Barrow one of the Three Sisters the others being the Rivers Nore and Suir.

Ger Doran - St MullinsThe annual Twaite Shad run on the river is very valuable to the economy of nearby villages at a crucial time of year. If like me you have been travelling to St Mullins for many years you often find yourself meeting many of the same anglers each year and exchanging stories of many fishing experiences from the previous year on rivers, lakes and coastal locations nationwide.

Ger Doran - ShadTime spent on the River this week provided good sport catching using Tasmanian Devil lures and other small metals. Using a Garbolino Magister micro lure rod proved ideal for landing fish without stress but offering great sport. Early morning and late evening sessions provides the best catches. No specimens on this trip but having seen some photos there has been some very nice fish landed by other anglers!

Ger Doran - St Mullins 2Other fish such as flounder, dace, perch, pike, trout and the very occasional salmon are also caught from time to time when targeting Shad. The Irish Specimen Fish Committee (ISFC) weight for a specimen Twaite Shad is currently 1.1 kg.

Ger Doran - Boat at St MullinsThe Barrow really is worth a visit for the silence, fantastic scenery and of course the fishing is pretty good too with many species available to the angler despite a decline in previous years . See here for more information about the River Barrow. If you are going there to fish take care, respect the fish and tight lines.

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