The last 7 days have seen some great small boat shark fishing out of Cork Harbour. Anglers fishing from the Bellavista Angling Centre have had had up to 6 blue shark in a session. One boatload of anglers had to stop due to tired arms and fished for pollack to loosen up after a number of bruising encounters with these sleek oceanic predators…

Blue shark
Sanrdo Deriu with his first ever shark

On Saturday morning (21/06) small boat angler Declan Collins fishing with his father Pat and Sardinian adrenaline junkie Sandro Deriu had 3 shark and lost 3 others in a hectic half day session. A perfect drift and a frozen bait block from Bellavista Angling Centre ensured the outstanding result. Kevin Murphy seems to have perfected a concoction of fish, oil, guts and garters that when frozen results in a sustained release of shark attracting particles. The Bellavista Blocks are available on request and save a lot of time as mackerel have been patchy enough inside the Harbour, though getting enough hook baits is not a problem in deeper water.

Declan, his brother and father were back on the water again on Tuesday 24th June. Again three sharks were landed but it was a slower session being a whole day with  long gaps between hook ups. Anglers fishing on the small boats from the Bellavista fleet fared better and had more consistent sport.

Blue shark
Jim Clohessey and Dennis Bolding

Jim Clohessey and his crew in particular had a cracking day on the water. Jim was fishing with pair of Dutch anglers and they had super craic with lots of blues including some real bruisers released along side. The anglers soaked up a lot of punishment before admitting they could take no more and finished the day with some pollack off the reefs.

The quality of the sharks is really top class at the moment with large females dominating the catches.

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Jim has this advice for shark anglers at his online magazine