Hamish Currie reports that shark is still on the agenda at Red Bay. This week’s porbeagles were a little smaller than but in the coming weeks, weather permitting , we’ll see more of the larger fish will be about. A group from the Netherlands had 3 shark in a day earlier this week.

porbeagle shark
Ton from the Netherlands with his first Porbeagle

And another group had 2 shark two days later. The good news is that we encountered a lot of juvenile fish this year and they’re the first that I have seen them on this ground.

Nigel Ritchie was also a first time porbeagle fisher who got lucky on Predator II

Bait fish are still abundant mid channel so gathering bait is easy. First fish is from Ton from the Netherlands and the second one is from Nigel Ritchie both first time porbeagle anglers and both said the same as the rest of them the power is unreal.

Hamish Currie
Predator II

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